Customized ERP Implementation

I arrived at Karachi on 8th of March, 2011 to lead an implementation team here. This team consists a project manager and two senior programmers.

Our duration of stay is still uncertain but it should not exceed three months. This is my second tour to Pakistan for the same purpose. Last time I came here as the junior most professional. It was between June 12-August 26 2010. And now I am the team leader. Time runs really faster than any body imagine.

Our client is Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Dr. Ziauddin has three branches. So our application will be supporting multi-branching.

Here as a technical IT person, I should mention first about the architecture of our Customized ERP specialized for Health Care Domain:

It is deployed on Oracle Fusion Middleware and developed using Oracle Forms 10g, Oracle Reports 10g, Oracle Database 10g. Some of the integration such attendance machines are done using Java. We are also going to deploy a PACs server which is built our in-house and developed using Java Swing.

That is it for now. Will be back on time.

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