Bangladesh Pakistan Disparity

Here are some more links on the debate how sharply and fast Bangladesh proving the contrast between the two countries once based on an idiotic ideology lived together for 24years!!! HOW???

Just read the Comments posted on main articles:

From Cricket Fans

Rober M. Hathaway: Read the main Article

One would appreciate my effort.. I am compiling all these sitting in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bangladesh Pakistan Disparity

  1. Apnare Swagato Janai.
    The bengali people were duped by Jinna in the name of religion… The idiotic ideology that religion is a greater binder, and religion can be the sufficient foundation for a nature. Where as Jinnah forgot the Sweetness of Bangla, Bengali Culture, Bangla Music, Bangla Literature were in the Hearts of every Bangali… They tried to repress every developement in Bangla… This could never be accepted.

    I say, Forgive but not Forget.
    Ek baar dhoka khawar por sei manush (aikhane desh- pakistan) ke maf kore zay , KINTU tar kormo bhola jay na o jawa uchit o na. (je ek dafa dhoka dita pare se abar pithe churi marte pare.)
    জয় বাংলা… বাঙালী হয়ে গর্বিত… জয় বাংলা

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