Mr. Irfan Zafar, CTIO, SSGC.

SSGC are partners of ATI Limited in Karachi, Pakistan. Lets hear from Mr. Irfan Zafar himself on this unique partnership in modernizing the Information Management systems of Pakistan:

Click here for a great interview of Mr. Irfan Zafar, CTIO, SSGC.

For those who do not know Sheikh, he comes from a company called ATI from BD. We have partnered with them to implement their state-of-the-art Hospital Management System at Dr. Zia Ud Din Hospital. Our vision is to make their product a standard for the healthcare industry in Pakistan. We have already proposed it at a few hospitals other than DZH. This is another initiative from SSGC as we provide consulting services to a wide range of industries as we have professionals on our team that compliment that.

I am currently on my third visit to Pakistan on these projects. In my current visit, I just started working in a new hospital for the implementation of HIS. The hospital Liaquat National Hospital is second largest in Karachi by area, manpower, patient flow and beds.

Currently I am also leading a team of four professionals who are implementing OPD, Corporate, Inventory, Purchasing, Lab & Pathology, HR and Schedule & Rosters Modules at the Dr. Zia Ud Din Hospital.

In this project SSGC has also deployed almost their full of ERP team lead by Mr. Rauf Aslam Butt. This team consists of around 10 professionals who are taking care of functional aspects and user training on the ATI Meditop.